At Scissortrix we strive to provide excellent service to our clients.

We would appreciate the following notice if you need to cancel or change your hair appointment with us.


Please Provide At Least:

• 24-hours notice for appointments less than 2 hours duration

• 48-hours notice for appointments over 2 hours duration


Clients who cancel their appointments without proper notice or do not show up for their appointment are considered a "No Show".


First No Show: If you miss a scheduled appointment you will receive a telephone call from us regarding your appointment and we will reschedule for a time convenient for you. At this time, we will remind you that a second No Show appointment will require a charge.


Second No Show: If you No Show for a scheduled appointment for a second time, a fee equal to 50% of the missed service(s) will be charged to your salon account. Accumulated fees must be paid prior to booking any future appointments.


Third No-Show: If you No Show a third time, you will be required a fee equal to 100% of the missed services. You will also be required from that point forward to prepay in full for any future services booked.


Late Arrivals: Please call us if you think you are going to be late for your appointment. If possible, we will try to adjust our schedule. However, it is possible we may ask you to reschedule your visit to another day if it interferes with another client's appointment time.